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26 Sep



It is a pleasure for us to announce the improvements made ​​on the

standard range of our cajons.

The market is constantly moving, the tastes and preferences of the

musicians are also in conitinuos adaptation to the needs of new times,

creating unique styles and fussioning them with the old ones.

We have been exploring the ways to realize those needs of all

percussionists, offering them new nuances but keeping this special

Duende sound that the market demand.

For Duende is a top priority to satisfy the concerns of new generations

of drummers. That's why we offer an improvement in our standard range

models (Basic, Classic, Pro and Confusion), giving them that distinctive

bright sound, the dream of the many musicians.


Thanks to the work of all our team it is a reality.

14 Sep
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Nuevo Cajon Duende New Evo


Con este nuevo acabado, conseguimos mayor definición sobre todo en los

agudos del Cajon.

Cajon que se caracteriza por no tener un volumen sonoro

mayor que el habitual. Al no llevar tornillos en la chapa

el sonido es mucho mas comprimido que en los cajones


Responde bien a las distintas intensidades de golpeo,

aunque su mejor partido se consigue a iuntensidades 

medias-altas. El sistema de tensión permite cambiar 

el bordón en caso de rotura sin quitar la chapa.


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El próximo día 8 de Abril tendrá lugar en Fnac Sevilla una Master Class de Cajon y Bateria a cargo de Eric Jiménez batería de grupos como Los Planetas, Lagartija Nick y colaborador de artistas de la talla del recientemente desaparecido Enrique Morente.

Afinación, ritmos, bases de cajon flamenco, etc.





Duende Percusion has the pleasure to present the new model SWING&BRUSHES specially featured for drummers playing with brushes looking for a swing sound.

SWING&BRUSHESis the first cajon with a coated front plate, just like snare drums. This option allows drummers to get the brush sound for all kind of music. Mostly recommended for Jazz, Brazilian and Swing, this new model is sensitive to Brushes but also for Hands.

We have been working hard for giving the cajon player the most ergonomic way of playing. SWING&BRUSHES incorporates the non-slide seat and non-slide back legs. In addition, this new model has adjustable front legs renforced on the chasis. This fact allows the user to fix by himself the height and the angle of playing. The chasis is renforced to avoid damages and breakage.

SWING&BRUSHESis the most revolutionnary cajon and unique on the market. Brought to you by Duende Percusion, the spanish favourite cajon manufacturer.



- Tension System: CL. 4 individual strings

- Front Plate: Birch Wood. 2,5 mm. 5 ply.

                        Special coated surface

- Chassis:  Birch Wood. 7 ply

- Dimensions: 480x300x300 mm

- Standard 2 years warranty.

- 4,5 kg.

- Non-slide seat.

- Height adjustable front legs

- Non-slide back legs

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Este año podeis visitarnos en el Stand: HALL 3.0, Booth G51.

Allí podreis ver las novedades, nuestro catalogo completo y todo lo relacionado con el Cajón.

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