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HOLA! We can not stop in Duende Percusion! We have more and more

international artists working with our cajons to take advantage of our

concept "Cajon for Drummers"!


Step by step we will introduce you to those new artits. Today we want to

start by these new three endorsers:

- ALEX CHO, the best from SOUTH KOREA


- FRANCIS ARNAUD, from FRANCE, now in international tourneé with the great Charles Aznavour.


- and the great MINO CINELU! Drummer and percussionist for great stars such as Miles Davis, George Benson, Sting, Steve Wonders or Vicente Amigo!


Very soon you will be able to find their multimedia links with cajons Duende in our website.



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  • Juan de la Oliva
    Juan de la Oliva
  • Diego Amador Jr.
    Diego Amador Jr.
  • Efraín Toro
    Efraín Toro
  • Jose Maya
    Jose Maya
  • Gabriel Nuzzoli
    Gabriel Nuzzoli
  • Borja Villagran
    Borja Villagran
  • Dwight Muskita
    Dwight Muskita
  • Matthew Whitehouse
    Matthew Whitehouse
  • Torab Majlesi
    Torab Majlesi
    Alex Cho
  • Davide Ragazzoni
    Davide Ragazzoni
  • Eduardo Jiménez
    Eduardo Jiménez
  • Jose Mena
    Jose Mena
  • Omar Marquez
    Omar Marquez
  • Cesar Moreno
    César Moreno
  • Mino Cinelu
    Mino Cinelu
  • Peter Cushin
    Peter Cushin
  • Rafael Pradal
    Rafael Pradal
  • Antonio Montiel
    Antonio Montiel
  • Francis ARNAUD
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