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Personal:Born in Tabriz at 1974. Moved to ?stanbul at 1987.


First steps: between 1988-1990, by Ufuk Cantez(Istanbul).

Commencing stages:

Pt.Suresh Talwalkar 1998(Mumbai/India),  2007 (Pune,Kolapur)

Dom Famularo 1996 & 1998(Istanbul).

Some of bands that he played in:89-90 King Wizard,90-92 Silent Scream,92-94 Undermost,93-94 Orhan Önal,94 Metafor,94-96 ka??t gemi,95-96Valhalla,97-98 medit orient,99-2005 ?ükriye tutkun, 1991-2010  KroniK

And with various pop,rock,jazz,ethnic,metal, etc...bands and artists.

Styles in which he's interested and works on:fusion, ethnic (World), metal, funk, rock...

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