The cajón revolution is here!! Duende has made a great effort to make it available at a very affordable price. No need to carry 30 instruments with you anymore, we can have it all in just one cajón.

The first electronic Cajon in the world! Duende and ErmanitoPlay have made the dream of many musicians come true with the Magik cajón. It is simple and effective. With its internal sound card the Magik cajón includes 30 additional onboard sounds on its 10 sound kits to make everything easier for drummers and percussionists, so you don’t need to worry about taking your cajón and 30 more instruments anymore. We can have it all in one cajón!

cajones duende

Our line of Cajons is based on every musician’s profile and the type of music he/she plays with.

Steeldrums by rammerdrum

Playing a Rammerdrum means to get into a kind of extasis. It gets you into a special and personal environment where all your feelings start and finish on your fingers.

hadfree duende

It is a very small, simple and clever accessory with an specific function: release the hand to keep the stick and avoid time wasting while switching instruments, patterns, effects.

jamring duende percussion

A simple ring adaptable to all types of Djembes. Now you don’t have to hold all the extra instruments somewhere else.

accessories duende percussión

A non-slide seat. This SitPad by aetnica is designed to make the cajon performance more contortable by using a special soft non-slidding seat.

pongo duende percussion

New accessory for the cajón suitable for all models and brands. We can get extra effects by adding it to our drum set or directly to the cajón.

octo duende percussion

You can play it on your legs or on a headliner or wherever you want. Easy transportation and special sounds make the octo a very useful add-on to your cajon set.

pocket duende percussion

This new accesory has pockets and Velcro straps adjustable to the cajon. Its solves the problem of keeping other instruments and accesories on a table nearby or directly on the floor.

Letter from the Luthier

It’s been almost 20 years since I first thought about using a Cajon as an alternative to drumset. Specially for those situations where the use of a drumset is problematic considering local access, stage size or the loud sound level that a drumset requires: Duende is the solution.

Duende has been working on this “Cajon For Drummer” concept since its founding in 2001. Our line of Cajons is based on every musician’s profile and the type of music he/she plays with.

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The market is overbooked with countless brands offering cajons, with different colours and finishes, but they are all based on the same sound pattern. If a rock drummer needs a drumset with different features than a jazz drummer, why should they both play with the same cajon sound pattern?

It has been almost an obsession for us to offer the possibilitiy to every musician to find the instrument that best suits his/her playing and music style. While cajon is just another reference between hundreds of it for most percussion brands, Cajon is everything for us.

Duende Percusion is dedicated exclusively to manufacture and develop the Cajon, 100% hand made in Spain, by musicians, giving our instruments an unique personality and character. This is what makes our cajons differents from any others.

I would like to thank thousands of percussionists and drummers for trusting our brand. Thanks to them our commitment is to continue working hard to be able to offer new products to answer drummers’ and percussionists’ needs.

These are the reasons why we are introducing to the world three very innovative cajons in collaboration with ErmanitoPlay and Galiano: Mute, Folding and Magik (practice cajon, travel cajon and electronic cajon). We want musicians to be able to do everything with a cajon! We are decided to develop and enjoy something we all share, “the love of music“.

Duende is very glad to announce a great news: our special and intimate collaboration with ætnica in order to satisfy all musicians’ needs and develop every day innovating instruments and accessories.

Jose Antonio Gonzalez

Chairman of Duende Percusion

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